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Registered Rainbows Programme Centre

To become a registered Rainbows Programme Centre, it is necessary for the Centre Director i.e. manager/principal, to attend a Rainbows Induction meeting.

Centre Director: This is the name or term used by us, in Rainbows Ireland, to describe the most senior staff member/employee appointed by and reporting to the Centre Management Body who oversees the business of that centre e.g. Principal/Deputy Principal of a school, Manager of an FRC.

Rainbows Induction Meetings are now available online via Zoom.

Please be aware that there is an application process for Facilitator training. Click here for more information on how to apply

Become a Volunteer

Rainbows Ireland would not exist without its volunteers. We have more than 2500 volunteers whose dedication, time and energy supports grieving children and young people all across Ireland. To become a Rainbows volunteer, please complete this form.

If you wish to volunteer in your school, it is necessary that the school is a registered programme centre. For more information on how schools become registered Rainbows programme centre, click here.

Click here to find a programme centre near you.

Do I need any qualifications to become a Rainbows Volunteer?

No. However, it does help to have an interest and passion for working with children and young people. We find that many Volunteers traditionally come from frontline services, such as teaching, nursing, and social workers, to meet and identify the needs of children and young people experiencing significant grief and loss resulting from family bereavement, parental separation and divorce.

Time Commitment

All selected and recruited volunteers, by their agency, are required to attend 30 hour training (with a course fee). Volunteers then volunteer for 2 hours, once a week for, 9 weeks to facilitate a Rainbows Group.
Volunteers are in a probationary period until two programmes have been facilitated.
Rainbows Volunteers are required to attend ongoing training as part of continuing professional development and remain up to date on all policies, procedures and Child Protection Guidelines.

Is full attendance required at training?

Full attendance at training is mandatory.

Application Process

Once you have identified and made contact with a Rainbows Centre, they will advise you if they require volunteers.

If this is the case, the Centre Director at the Centre will ask you to complete the Rainbows Ireland Volunteer Application as part of the recruitment procedure.

Volunteers are required to attend for interview and identify referees.
Following the interview, successful applicants will then submit:

  1. Training Request Form
  2. Garda Vetting Invitation
    Once all necessary paperwork and payments have been processed you will then attend all 4 days of training at your nearest venue.

Please carefully consider the following points before applying for training:
  • There is a responsibility on all those thinking of applying to become a Rainbows Volunteer to seriously consider exactly what your motivation is to volunteer in this service. Children and young people and their needs must be at the core of your motivation.
  • If you have experienced a significant loss in your life within the last year, we ask you to consider this before applying.
  • You must attend all 4 days of the training, including additional reading material.
  • Garda Vetting for Rainbows Ireland must be completed before any volunteer can sit in a Rainbows Group. Other vetting you may hold is not sufficient. Rainbows Ireland requires specific Garda Vetting.
  • All volunteers, once recruited are in a probationary phase, beginning at training and finishing once two full programmes have been facilitated at a Programme Centre.

Click here for Facilitator Training dates

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